PAPELERA NACIONAL S.A. is a paper industry, founded back on April 15th, 1969 in Lima - Peru.

IT IS ONE OF THE THREE leading companies IN THE SECTOR in Latin America, due to the fact that it HAS ITS OWN PAPER MILL where major steps and measures ARE CONSTANTLY taken to protect our rainforest and the environment altogether, with the latest top of the line production and conversion technologies. Our papers are MADE WITH FSC CERTIFIED WOOD CHIPS. In addition to that, we are also encouraged to continue using sugar cane bagasse for some of our lines as we originally did. Paramonga is the first Paper Mill in America to use sugar cane bagasse as raw material to produce paper.

Our large infrastructure, factory overhead and production capacity, as well as a highly qualified staff of professional and technicians, who altogether account for OVER 150 MILLION WORKING hours of experience in the manufacturing of paper, cartons and carton boards, notebooks, envelopes, and writing pads among some of its main lines of production, ENSURE THE BEST PARTNERSHIP WHEN SEARCHING FOR A COMPLETE RELIABLE OUTSOURCE TO TRUST PRIVATE VENTURES.

Photocopy and writing - offset papers, Bristol boards, Kraft papers and cartons, toilet paper, towel paper and napkins (which are made out of 100% recycled material) are some of the outstanding lines of production.

The paper mill can produce over 60,000 metric tons of these materials each year, without compromising the safety and endurance of our planet at all.

Additionally, the company has a conversion facility where it can turn over 30,000 metric tons of paper per year into notebooks and exercise books, writing pads, cut size papers, envelopes, and many more interesting added value items, always in harmony with our natural surroundings and resources.

In this sense, the company is designed to become a reliable outsource partner for the needs of many companies throughout the world. We are also specialized in PRIVATE LABELS AND SPECIALTY PRODUCTS THAT REQUIRE TIME, TECHNOLOGY, AND EXPERTISE. It can all be found at Papelera Nacional S.A., commonly known as PANASA.

Finally, it’s good to mention that the corporation has recently acquired a complete factory of corrugated boxes to serve our own packing needs as well as the ones of many industries in the region. With this addition, the company has become vertically integrated to the mill’s production section of Kraft liner board.


In 1969 the company was founded by a group of Peruvian friends who decide to enter the paper, school and office supplies sector.
It was initially dedicated to imports of school and paper supplies. These imports were soon complemented with other products bought locally. Papers and cartons were converted at its original location in Lima, the capital of Peru, and then efficiently distributed throughout the country.

The company expanded quickly. It took plenty of work hours and dedication, professional thorough salesmanship and production knowledge, as well as increasing amounts of working capital. Thus, the company grew basically due to the excellent relations with ALL of its customers and associates, who still are the company’s main and most valued asset

In 1992 the company began a process of take-overs, acquisitions and CAPEX expansion in more aggressive ways. During such process the company acquired the Paper and Chemical Complex in Paramonga, a small town some two hundred kilometers north of Lima (about 125 miles). With this acquisition, PANASA became self sufficient in the supply of several raw materials, decisive in the process of adding value to its traditional products, and also enabled the company to develop new ones. 

Since then, with upgraded factory overhead, more and improved machinery and equipment, knowledge, and years of manufacturing experience, the company expanded its operations and overall coverage, and finally consolidated itself as THE MOST IMPORTANT PAPER INDUSTRY IN PERU.

This consolidation is also the result of great and effective distribution of its products. Papelera Nacional’s brands are well known in Peru as well as abroad. The most popular ones are LORO, JUSTUS, COLLEGE, GRAPHOS, SURCO; SANIT and SUPER

Foreign markets were reached out back in the year 2001, when anticipating the world’s globalization, PANASA expanded and successfully exported most of its products to several countries in the hemisphere.

The company contributes with over 90% of the country’s sectors’ exports, and withstands successful presence in Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, United States, Puerto Rico, Bahamas and other islands of the Caribbean.

In that sequence of events and more recently, PANASA has acquired important machinery and state of the art equipment which will enable the company to produce more, increase efficiency, AND MADE THE COMPANY MUCH MORE FLEXIBLE TO SPECIAL NEEDS, INCLUDING MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS TO ITS quality STANDARDS. It will also allow the company to offer more and new products to our CURRENT customers. Thus, those new products will be tuned up with new tendencies and markets’ needs. PANASA is already providing many of those new markets with PRIVATE LABEL PRODUCTS as well.

PAPELERA NACIONAL S.A. shall remain focused on overall improvements, and on becoming more competitive, always having set as a goal to get the opportunity of entering new markets.

To be one of the three leading industries in manufacture and distribution of added value paper products in the world specialized in writing books and pads.

To offer high quality products at competitive prices in adequate timing. ALL BY KEEPING a great working environment, high workers motivation and perfect harmony with our ecosystem.

Luisa  Beausejour St. # 2450 – Chacra Rios – Lima 1 – Perú  / Telephone (51-1) 6193131 - Fax (51-1) 3365321
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